Hi Class descriptions

Yin Yoga.

Yin  Yoga is  a slow paced style of yoga with postures or asanas,that are held for anywhere from 45 seconds to 2 minutes. It  helps to bring more energy and circulation to the ligaments,tendons and joints by applying light weights  to help open the body more and it's a very meditative practice.  All levels. 

Yoga for the Mind, Body & Spirit

‚ÄčThis class gives you a complete experience of moving gently into postures, practice full yogic breath work and sound to further relax the mind, body and spirit as we prepare for a guided meditation moving into silent meditative time followed by relaxation. It's a classic technique that emphasizes alignment to prevent injuries or recover from any injuries or misalignment you may be experiencing in your postures. The instructor uses chairs, blocks, straps, blankets and other props to assist you in proper alignment and be free of any discomfort. All levels. 

Gentle Yoga

The focus of gentle yoga is on breathing, meditation and basic postures using hand mudras and mantras.  The class begins with pranayama (breathing), followed by a warm up and a series of postures with rest periods, and ending with meditation.  This class is for beginners, those who have not practiced for a while, or anyone who would like a gentle way to begin to experience the wonders of yoga. All levels.

Hatha Flow

A slower paced flow, this class helps to strengthen and increase flexibility the entire body with modifications. Focus on the breath and experience rejuvenating and uplifting effects of this practice. All levels. 

Aerial Yoga

Your yoga practice is given a breath of fresh air with the use of silk hammocks. Increase strength, flexibility, and inversions with ease. A private session is recommended but not required (note: some postures like the inversion may take some extra guidance) Limit 5 students per class, you MUST reserve your space by contacting Julie via call or text (845) 522-0387 or email her at Anyajul@aol.com. Please do not wear makeup, perfume, lotion, jewelry, or chew gum in this class as it can cause damage to the silk hammock. Please bring your yoga mat. You can find our more by scrolling down from our Schedule & Prices tab and select the Aerial Yoga tab.

Core Restore

A Yoga and Pilates fusion: strengthen the entire body, lengthen and tone muscles. Precise movements work the core and small muscle groups while being gentle on the joints. Focuses on functional movement. All levels.

On Hold For The Summer.