Yoga Shakti

Class descriptions

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga helps to balance the solar (energetic fiery) energy with lunar (calm cool) energy, increasing our overall energy and sense of inner peace. Various asanas (postures) are practiced while focusing on the breath to purify, strengthen and relax our body, mind and spirit. This class offers a fun and nurturing environment beneficial for all levels of experience. 


‚ÄčThis class gives you a complete experience of moving gently into postures, practice full yogic breath work and sound to further relax the mind, body and spirit as we prepare for a guided meditation moving into silent meditative time followed by relaxation. It's a classic technique that emphasizes alignment to prevent injuries or recover from any injuries or misalignment you may be experiencing in your postures. The instructor uses chairs, blocks, straps, blankets and other props to assist you in proper alignment and be free of any discomfort. 

Gentle Yoga

The focus of gentle yoga is on breathing, meditation and basic postures using hand mudras and mantras.  The class begins with pranayama (breathing), followed by a warm up and a series of postures with rest periods, and ending with meditation.  This class is for beginners, those who have not practiced for a while, or anyone who would like a gentle way to begin to experience the wonders of yoga.

hatha flow

This class helps to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles using a sequence of postures for intense cleaning and pranayama (Yogic breathing), then relax back into gentle postures while focusing on the breath and experience rejuvenating and uplifting effects of linking the breath with movement.


Relax and rest! Heal, destress and nurture your body with gentle stretches, light twists and breath work. Gentle poses are held longer with the use of props giving you all the benefits of deep, passive stretching.‚Äč