Yoga Shakti

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Yoga Shakti


Class descriptions

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga helps to balance the solar (energetic fiery) energy with lunar (calm cool) energy, increasing our overall energy and sense of inner peace. 
Various asanas (postures) are practiced while focusing on the breath to purify, strengthen and relax our body, mind and spirit. This class offers a fun and nurturing environment beneficial for all levels of experience. 

Gentle Yoga

The focus of gentle yoga is on breathing, meditation and basic postures using hand mudras and mantras.  The class begins with pranayama (breathing), followed by a warm up and a series of postures with rest periods, and ending with meditation.  This class is for beginners, those who have not practiced for a while, or anyone who would like a gentle way to begin to experience the wonders of yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga

This class helps to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles using a sequence of postures for intense cleaning and pranayama (Yogic breathing), then relax back into gentle posture while focusing on the breath and experience rejuvenating and uplifting effects of linking the breath with movement.

Hot Yoga

It consists of various yoga postures and breathing exercises performed in a heated room, typically at a room temperature of 100-105 degrees F. The heated temperatures allows for greater flexibility of the muscles and dilates the blood vessels, allowing for more oxygen and a more profound breathing experience. Please bring a towel and a bottle of water so you can hydrate yourself and preferably your own yoga mat, although we do have extras for you to borrow.

Yoga for Back Care

Smooth sustained movements are practiced.  Good stretch and flexibility maintains the shock absorbing capacity of the muscles and decreases the rate of wear and tear on the spine.  Yoga practiced regularly helps develop better muscle strength, harmony and flexibility.  We need to bring overall changes into our lives.  Changes such as acceptance, positive attitude and discipline.

Family Fun Yoga

Enjoy quality time with family in the peaceful haven of Yoga Shakti.  Children ages 3-12 and their parents, relatives and caregivers are all welcome to join in our celebration of joy, music and movement.  Help bring balance into home life by letting yoga bring calmness and focus to hyperactivity, and energize sluggish states.  Reveal the naturally free and expressive spirits of both children and adults!

Kai Chi Do

The name Kai Chi Do literally translates to “Free Spirit Way”.  It’s like dancing while you’re meditating, using, Breathwork, Music andMovements derived from the ancient wisdom of martial arts.  The process takes you through the five elements, Root, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth giving and receiving all, which is for the highest good. Each element has a method and a purpose.  Root: Is about releasing attachments to the past and the future, grounding you into the present moment.  Air:  Is about learning to combine breath and movement, connecting the inner and outer worlds.  Fire:  Begins to increase the aerobic benefits and body awareness, activating and circulating energy safely.  Water: Is the meditation and relaxation of the process, allowing energy to flow freely, without resistance.  Earth: Is the integration and affirmation.  As physical and emotional resistance dissolves, it roots you into an incredible uplifting energy and consciousness.